Once upon a time in Astoria, there was a magical castle called the HOTRS, where the finest theater administrators in New York gathered for theme parties and jungle juice. (Don’t worry, I’m abandoning this fairy tale metaphor soon.)

It was at these parties that I first met Kim: as much of a regular as I was and with countless mutual friends. Despite being a secret admirer of her epic costumes, we weren’t much more than a passing “hey, can you hand me a Solo cup?” kind of friends. Years went by and the HOTRS became a thing of the past. Then one day, our beautiful tropical fish and friend fairy godmother Angel suggested that I invite Kim to be on my Friends trivia team.

“She’s even crazier than you.”


We didn’t even place at that trivia night, because there was a girl there even more unhinged than both of us. But nothing could take away the fact that we both found our pop culture soulmate.

As Rob Gordon said in High Fidelity, “Maybe it’s not what we’re like, but what we like that matters.”

You know when you go to someone’s house and look at the contents of their bookshelves or coffee table or Netflix queue and think, “Oh, cool. I’m not actually completely alone in the world”? (This is why I’m still a little anti-Kindle.) I mean, I don’t know anyone else who also owns that 90’s RDJ guardian angel classic, Heart and Souls. (“Don’t you GIVE me attitude, I am a MOTHER.”)

Heart and Souls

Walk like a man, Robert.

There was just one thing left to do to solidify this BFF-hood. To paraphrase good ol’ JK, there are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and marathoning the 2005-current Doctor Who is one of them. (I think that’s what she meant to write.) I’m not exaggerating when I say that that show changed my life, though I’m only also half-kidding when I say that it ruined my life too. It’s transcendent and heartfelt and universal and we’re going to talk about it A LOT here. Like, A LOT.

When someone tells you that they’re about to start watching Doctor Who.

And this shit matters. Anyone who’s ever fangirled/boyed hard over anything has probably been ridiculed and minimized by people who say it doesn’t. But they also know how joyful it is to share that love with a kindred fan-spirit. This is why people go to Comic-Con and midnight screenings and wait in line all night to meet their heros. It’s why we live-tweet and reblog and tag.

So here we are. We can no longer hold all our feels to ourselves, so we’re here to share them with you. We don’t know where this blog will take us, but we do want this to be about all of us. So please comment and share and send us ideas for guest blogs.

On to the next one.

– Sage

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