Preach, Ron Swanson

Honestly, I don’t know why I watch the Emmys anymore.  Because all I seem to do, beginning with the day the nominations come out, is hate on them.  As a somewhat (HA!) passionate TV viewer, it just makes me nuts that so much quality television, ESPECIALLY in the Comedy category is ignored every year.  Heads up to Emmy voters, and I say this as a fan of the show, but there are more comedies on the air than just Modern Family.  That being said…let’s look at what went down last night.

My Red Carpet Thoughts:

–I hope whoever invented the Mani-cam dies a slow and painful death.

–Hey, did you guys know that Giuliana Rancic is a mother now? *eye roll*

–I will never forgive E! for deeming the casts of Sherlock and Downton Abbey not good enough for their coverage.  I NEEDED TO SEE MY BEAUTIFUL BRITS.

–I cheered when Tina Fey hit the red carpet in color.  She so often sticks to black/neutrals and she looked flawless in that burgundy.  She’s my best dressed of the night, with the runner-up slots going to Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

–Least favorite dress was Emily Van Camp.  I’m over illusion paneling and that color did NOTHING for her.

On to the ceremony…nothing will ever top Jimmy Fallon’s “Born to Run” opening ever.  But nice try, Kimmel.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy: I refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of this category as it does not include Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman, Community’s Danny Pudi and Jim Rash and HIMYM’s Neil Patrick Harris.  Honestly, I think they should put a cap on how many people from one show can be nominated because the Supporting Actor in a Comedy is TOO DEEP to fill 4 of the slots with people from the same show.  Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet wins (a bit of a surprise, I was expecting Ty Burrell) and gives a very sweet shout out to onscreen hubby Jesse Tyler Ferguson in his speech.

Writing in a comedy: I have to admit it.  I cried when Community’s Chris McKenna lost.  I wanted it for my show SO BAD.  That being said, I really feel like the writing category is the only one that got it right with its nominees, and I can’t argue at all with Louis C.K.  winning.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy:
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I can’t believe that Kristin Wiig did not win for her final season on SNL.  And that Julie Bowen talked about nipple covers for the majority of her acceptance speech.

Direction for a Comedy: Another win for Modern Family.  I’m bored.  I will say that the extended skit with Lily made me laugh though.  And  between Ken Jeong’s appearance and all the clips in the montage, I think the Emmy Broadcast promoted Community more than NBC ever has.

Lead Actor in a Comedy: The presenting patter from Melissa McCarthy and Mindy Kaling was flawless.  But then the UNTHINKABLE happened.
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Jon Cryer wins for Two and Half Men and I weep for the fact that STEVE CARELL NEVER WON AN EMMY FOR MICHAEL SCOTT AND NOW JON CRYER HAS TWO EMMYS.

Lead Actress in a Comedy:

As soon as Veep was announced, I knew that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was going to steal Amy’s Emmy.  However, Amy and Julia’s bit with the acceptance speeches was amazing, and they both win at life.  I love that these funny ladies are friends, and you know Amy would have done the same thing had she won and Julia lost.

But yes, isn’t it a shame that Amy Poehler didn’t win?

Reality Categories: All I have to say is that I’m thrilled for Tom Bergeron.  He is great on DWTS and very quick witted on what is surely an INSANE show to host.

Supporting Actor in a Drama: This category is so rich with talent.  Any one of those guys could have won and I would have been happy.  Aaron Paul wins, and the hug he shared with costar (and presumed favorite) Giancarlo Esposito was one of THE moments of the night for me.  And he ROCKED that brown tux.

Supporting Actress in a Drama:
Look.  I love the Dowager Countess as much as anyone, but Christina Hendricks was robbed, y’all.  ROBBED.  And the fact that no one from Mad Men has ever won an Emmy is CRIMINAL.

Drama Lead Actor/Actress and Writing: Swept by Homeland, which proceeded to get bumped to the top of my Netflix queue.  I feel like an utter failure for not having seen it.  Damien Lewis winning over Cranston has to be considered the upset of the night though.  I loved Claire Danes saying “Mandy Patinkin, holla!”.  Also…who decided that Jon Hamm should be presenting right after he LOSES his category? #planning #sorryHammBone

Directing for Drama: Confession: I was completely bored by the first season of Boardwalk Empire and quit watching. Should I reconsider?

Variety Categories: Colbert and Fallon tackling Jon Stewart to the floor = amazing.  Also I tweeted that Stewart was the epitome of class seconds before he started dropping F-bombs.  Whoops!  But you know what?  I stand by that statement.  Good on you Jon for calling out the Emmys for being so fucking predictable.  You speak for ALL of us, sir.

How I feel about ALL the Miniseries Categories (aside from Julianne Moore winning):

That is all.  Though I do agree with the sentiment that Sherlock should have submitted “The Reichenbach Fall” as opposed to “A Scandal in Belgravia”.

Best Drama Series: Homeland.  In theory, I will have disc one in my mailbox on Wednesday.  Though I won’t have time to watch it until Saturday…season premiere week and all.  I did love how the EP thanked all the Showtime shows that came before them.  Classy move.

Best Comedy Series: Surprising no one, Modern Family wins.  And even the Emmy Producers are sick of them, as they cut off Levitan mid-speech and literally turned out the lights on him.

So those were the Emmys.  According to them, essentially the only shows on television last year were Homeland, Modern Family and Game Change.  Yawn.