It doesn’t take much to please me.

Susan knows the way to my heart

My friend Susan is the Associate Company Manager of Broadway’s Tony Award Winning musical Once.  And every week, she has to do reports that happen to be my job to collect.

I am nothing if not open about how I feel about all things pop culture.   And Susan, God love her, follows me on Twitter…so she REALLY knows how I feel about EVERYTHING.   Because she is an awesome friend, every once in a while she adds a fun note to me in her reports.  Imagine my squeal of delight when I am going though my mail and then see a picture of Joel McHale.  Or The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.  Or the casts of Community and Parks and Recreation (the week after the Emmy Nominations came out, no less!).  The only thing that could make me happier would be Joel McHale actually delivering those reports in person.

So thank you, Susan, for brightening my day.  Don’t ever stop.