Posted by Kim

Yes.  I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.

There was a long time where I was really embarrassed to admit that.

I mean, seriously y’all…do you remember the whole arc with Dead Denny and the ghost sex?  Embarrassing.  Those were dark days.  If I didn’t break up with the show then, clearly I am never going to.

The reason I just can’t break up with  Grey’s is that it STILL gets me right in the feels after all these years.  The Ninth Season (!!) premiere was no exception.  There were tears and they were UGLY.

Even if I hadn’t known all summer that Eric Dane was leaving the show, based on the season finale I could have guessed that Mark Sloan was not long for this world.  There was CLEARLY some internal bleeding happening there.  And I knew as soon as Webber referred to 5 PM that they were going to be taking Mark off of life support before the end of the episode.  Even with all that knowledge, I STILL wept when they actually did it.  The scene was beautifully played by Patrick Dempsey (who has never gotten enough credit for how good he has been on this show) and Sara Ramirez.  Callie and Derek were both losing their best friend, and I hope the show explores how those two are now bonded.  Also, Callie clearly played a big part in reconstructing Derek’s arm and hand.  We haven’t seen these two characters interact all that much, so I look forward to this hopefully becoming a new friendship.  I also loved how Jackson said goodbye to his mentor.  His last words, “Don’t worry…I’ve got this,”  destroyed me.

Other Thoughts on the premiere:

–Nice call back to the pilot episode in the opening moments.  So much of Grey’s music is iconic and that song instantly transported me to season one.

–Gaius Charles aka Smash Williams is an intern.  And Tina Majorino!  I wonder how much this new crop of interns is going to be integrated into the cast.

–Regarding Meredith Grey, it doesn’t surprise me at ALL that she now as the nickname Medusa.  Meredith has ALWAYS been the one to show strength in a crisis (see also how she behaved after the mass shooting) and I love how that has been a constant trait for her character.  But her reaction when she was on the plane still shows that she is incredibly vulnerable and dealing with her PTSD from the crash in her own way.

–Was Cristina always supposed to be in Minnesota with Mr. Feeny or am I missing something?  Also, how quickly can we get her back to Seattle where she belongs?  Also, what is the state of her relationship with Owen?  I did not appreciate the tease that he was going to see her when he was really going to get Kepner to come back to the hospital.

–Speaking of Kepner, she has always been a character I could kind of do without.  How is she going to come back to being a surgeon without being board certified?  Is she going to repeat a year of residency?

–One thing I do NOT like his the de-evolution of Miranda Bailey.  This is the NAZI we are talking about here.  And now she is called Booty Call Bailey?  I really think it is a disservice to both Chandra Wilson and the character.  I’m glad she is happy and all, but the Miranda Bailey I know wouldn’t be blowing off patients to have sex with her boyfriend in an on call room.

–Good God give my precious Alex Karev a good story line.  Sleeping with all the interns?  Yawn.  The Alex I saw in the last scene at the airport bar?  That’s the Alex I want to see.

–On a shallow note, I like both Jackson and Alex with shorter hair.  Shaggy does not work on them.  Besides, with Dempsey’s head of hair all the other guys should just stop trying and keep it short.

–Nice fake out with Arizona.  Is losing a leg worse than dying though?  I’m very intrigued to see how her story plays out.

Next week we flashback to the aftermath and rescue of the crew in the plane crash.  They were out there for a WEEK?!  Geez.

Based on the response to the status on our Facebook Page many of you had some strong feelings about the premiere.  Share them with us!