Posted by Kim


Community Fans are my favorite people on the planet.

I have had the pleasure of meeting several of my Community Twitter friends over the past few months and they have all been nothing but delightful.  I feel like there is an automatic bond between us all for loving such an amazing (and underappreciated) show that when we finally meet in person…there is nothing to do but hug each other.  And maybe cry a little bit.  To paraphrase Community Writer Andy Bobrow, I would do anything for Community Fans, which makes me finally understand war. Because we have been through a WAR together against NBC, Sony and the Nielsen Ratings System to save our beautiful little show.

A few months ago the lovely Catherine, who has been a ringleader in the “Save Community” movement tweeted me about doing a publicity stunt to promote the return of Community (October 19th at 8:30/7:30C…set your DVRs!!), to which I replied “Of COURSE I will be there!”  We planned a kazoo serenade of the Community Theme Song, “At Least It Was Here” and a straitjacket escape by another twitter pal Sean Von Gorman.  Cause if there is anything that will attract a crowd in New York City, it is someone flailing about on the sidewalk trying to get out of a straitjacket.

Also, it’s a nice nod to Community’s “Paradigms of Human Memory”, which features a scene with the Greendale Seven in straitjackets after ingesting too much mercury.

As is the norm with anything Community related, we faced a struggle this morning.  There was a 90% chance of rain this afternoon.  Several of our friends who had been on board for all the shenanigans had work conflicts spring up at the last minute.  Catherine was  missing of piece of her tripod to hold her video camera in place.  But like the small but MIGHTY Community fandom, we persevered in the face of adversity.

Securing the camera with hair ties. Just call me MacGuyver.

In the end, it only sprinkled.  Our rowdy group of 6 mad a LOT of noise, and we had a nice crowd of onlookers who were terrified and amused by us.  Catherine gave an interview to the NY Daily News and there was an article on about us.  We popped into the NBC store and drooled over all the Community Merch.  And of COURSE…there were yard margs at Skeeper’s (or as close as we could get) where we sat for several hours bonding over our love for our crazy show.

Six Seasons and a Movie!!

If anyone associated with Community happens to read this, know that we will NEVER stop fighting for the show.  We are doing everything we can to get you guys a back 9 order, and we will not stop until NBC tells us to.  And maybe not even then.  SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE.  It’s happening.

Check out footage of our serenade and straitjacket escape here.  We had a great time.