Posted by Kim

Fact: Clay Aiken was ROBBED of the American Idol Crown.  I’m still not over it.  I still call shenanigans.   And no, I’m not saying this because he was *SO CUTE* and *OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH WHY DIDN’T HE WIN?*.  I’m saying it principally because his voice is RIDICULOUS.  I still consider his performance of “Solitaire” to be one of the all time great American Idol performances.

Also, that video makes me long for the simpler days when I LOVED American Idol and it didn’t make me all stabby and violent while watching it.  Those were the days.  And do yourself a favor and go to youtube and watch early Idol performances and LAUGH at the difference between Seacrest then and Seacrest now.  It’s amazing.

Fact: Clay’s first album “Measure of a Man” is a flawless pop record.  Sage will back me up on this.  I knew I loved her before, but the day we discovered that we both loved this record really solidified her as the Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins.  We also quite enjoyed “tormenting” our friend T.J. on a recent road trip by blasting many of the songs from this album.

Earlier this week at work, “Invisible” came up on my Spotify playlist, so of course, I was jamming to it.  A coworker who is a couple years younger than me walked by my desk and heard it.  She stopped and then said, “I secretly really really love this song.  I’m a little ashamed of how much I love it.”

To which I replied, “Why are you ashamed?!  IT’S AN AMAZING SONG.”  I don’t know when it became cool to hate on Clay…cause it seemed to happen right when this record came out.  Sure, he’s a little cheesy.  BUT ALL POP MUSIC IS PRETTY CHEESY.  And that’s what makes it great.  And I will say it again…the man’s voice is RIDICULOUS.  I may not be a fan of what Clay has done musically since this record, but I will never deny the fact that he has a fantastic voice.  He can sing circles around most of the pop stars today, and that’s a fact.

Sure, The Claymates are maniacal…but most pop music hardcore fans are.  Especially when it comes to defending their choices…because so often they are scoffed at for loving what they love.  Please.  I will STILL get all up in your face about the flawlessness of the Backstreet Boys, and I will do that until the day I die.  Clay was a media punching bag for a long time, so of course his fans get defensive.  They’ve been through a LOT you guys.

All I am saying is if you were to close your eyes and listen to the song “Touch”, not knowing it was Clay Aiken, if you are pop music fan, you would love it.  And if you won’t listen to me, listen to Queen Kelly Clarkson.  She doesn’t duet with people who are awful, y’all.

In conclusion…I love this record and I AM NOT ASHAMED TO SAY IT.