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As Sage is deep down the rabbit hole of a never ending work event (Seriously everybody!  Send her all the good vibes so she can survive one more day!), I’m taking the playlist post again this week.

Pats self on the back for being an awesome blog partner.

In addition to being massive TV geeks, Sage and I are also musical theatre geeks.  So it was inevitable that showtunes would end up on the playlist.  And for some reason, I’ve been in a quite a showtuney place lately, so I thought I would look at the ones we chose for the playlist…

Written in the Stars – Aida

“I am here to tell you we can never meet again.
Simple really, isn’t it?  A word or two and then
A lifetime of not knowing where or how or why or when.
You think of me or speak of me and wonder what befell
That someone you once loved so long ago so well…

Is it written in the stars?
Are we paying for some crime?
Is that all that we are good for
Just a stretch of mortal time?
Or some God’s experiment
In which we have no say?
In which we’re given paradise
But only for a day.”

Um.  Was this song ACTUALLY written for this scene…?


Why yes.  Yes I THINK IT WAS.  Aside from the whole “Marry the princess, Radames” interlude, that is.  I will never be able to listen to this song the same way again.  You’re welcome.


Without You – Rent

“The world revives, colors renew
But I know blue, only blue
Lonely blue, willingly blue
Without you

Without you, the hand gropes
The ear hears, the pulse beats
Without you, the eyes gaze
The legs walk, the lungs breathe
The mind churns, the heart yearns
The tears dry without you

Life goes on, but I’m gone
‘Cause I die
Without you…”

This song = any shot of Ten looking all angsty in the control room of the TARDIS.   Head canon accepted.

Someone Like You – Jekyll and Hyde

“I peer through windows watch life go by,
Dream of tomorrow and wonder why?
The past is holding me, keeping life at bay.
I wander lost in yesterday,
Wanting to fly – but scared to try.

But if someone like you
Found someone like me,
Then suddenly
Nothing would ever be the same!
My heart would take wing,
And I’d feel so alive –
If someone like you
Found me!”

What is AMAZING ab0ut Rose Tyler is that she is an ordinary shop girl who, through her time with The Doctor, became the “Defender of the Earth.”  We often talk about how much Rose changed The Doctor…but he changed her just as much, and that is what makes them so perfect.  They bring out the best in each other.  They complete each other.  Yes, I just shamelessly Jerry Maguire-d them.  And yes, I just used “Jerry Maguire” as a verb.

Deal with it.

For some reason, this song also makes me think of the following scene from “The Parting of the Ways.”

ROSE: But what do I do every day, mum? What do I do? Get up, catch the bus, go to work, come back home, eat chips and go to bed? Is that it?
MICKEY: It’s what the rest of us do.
ROSE: But I can’t!
MICKEY: Why, because you’re better than us?
ROSE: No, I didn’t mean that. But it was. It was a better life. And I don’t mean all the travelling and seeing aliens and spaceships and things. That don’t matter. The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You know he showed you too. That you don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand. You say no. You have the guts to do what’s right when everyone else just runs away!

ROSE TYLER FTW.  The “Defender of the Earth” was always within her, she just needed The Doctor to bring it out of her.

As Long As You’re Mine – Wicked

“Say there’s no future
For us as a pair
And though I may know
I don’t care!
Just for this moment
As long as you’re mine
Come be how you want to
And see how bright we shine
Borrow the moonlight
Until it is through
And know I’ll be here holding you
As long as you’re mine…”

Can someone make me a single gif of all of The Doctor and Rose’s EPIC hugs?  Cause that’s what this song makes me think of.   NOBODY HUGS LIKE THE DOCTOR AND ROSE TYLER.  As a Twitter pal said to me right after I flailed about over watching their reunion in “The Satan Pit” (the gif at the top of this post)…”With canon like this, who needs fan fiction?”


Well except for all the smut fiction with them doing it all over the TARDIS.  We DO need it for that.  #notsorry

Those You’ve Known – Spring Awakening

“Those you’ve known and lost, still walk behind you
All alone, their song still seems to find you
They call you, as if you knew their longing –
They whistle through the lonely wind
The long blue shadows falling.

All alone
But still I hear their yearning
Through the dark, the moon, alone there, burning
The stars too they tell of spring returning –
And summer with another wind that no one yet has known.

Now they’ll walk on my arm through the distant night
And I won’t let them stray from my heart
Through the wind, through the dark, through the winter light
I will read all their dreams to the stars
I’ll walk now with them
I’ll call on their names
I’ll see their thoughts are known…”

This is another song that is not strictly about The Doctor and Rose.  It’s about The Doctor and ALL his companions.  Rose.  Captain Jack.  Sarah Jane.  Mickey.  Jackie.  Martha.  Donna Noble (YES I CAN ONLY CALL HER BY HER FULL NAME OKAY?).  Amy.  Rory.  River.  All the classic companions I have yet to meet and fall in love with.  Sage brought it up in a previous playlist post, but we really see throughout the series how much The Doctor DOES carry the memories of his companions with him.  We see it in “School Reunion” with Sarah Jane.  We see it in “The Runaway Bride” when he says “Her name was Rose” (#dies).  We see it in “Let’s Kill Hitler” when the TARDIS shows a dying Eleventh Doctor images of all the companions he had in his Tenth iteration.  And I am SURE we will see the loss of The Ponds heavily weighing on him in this new batch of episodes.  I mean, think of how much we as the audience suffer at the loss of the companions!  Multiply it by infinity and that must be what The Doctor carries with him.

Yes, I realize I just talked about The Doctor like he is real.

Shut up.

He is.