Posted by Kim and Sage

49 years ago today, the World’s Most Life Ruining Television Show was born.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOCTOR WHO!!  Thank you for giving us all the feels, the world’s most flawless OTP, and David Tennant and Matt Smith’s hair.

David Tennant Catherine Tate BuzzcocksLife before Doctor Who

Doctor Who Mel stupidLife after Doctor Who

Also, Doctor, any time you want to show up and take us away in the TARDIS…we are ready and we have been training for it. I mean…as Eleven…I mean Matt Smith said to us, on our ultimate Whovian Friendaversary: “I mean…what a thing to say to someone! Do you want to come with me?”


“All of time and space…what do you want to see?”


Ninth Doctor fantastic

Dalek party hard

david tennant cake

Eleventh Doctor hello i'm the doctor

Amy Pond wedding clap

Oswin total screaming genius

John Barrowman yes

Chris Hardwick you win again steven moffat

Tenth Doctor excited

Nine, Ten, and Eleven cheerleader dance

Ten and Rose laugh

Eleven wedding dance

Dancing ood

Adorable Tennant smile

Sue from Catering Doctor Who

Doctor Who Martha Jones yes

Dalek intoxicate

Nine and Rose dance

Wilf dance

David Tennant Catherine Tate drinking

Eleven kisses Rory

Here’s to the next 49, our precious show!

Donna Noble onwards