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Listen: The holidays are awesome. All the best movies of the year come out within the same two-week span; you can start drinking at pretty much any time of the day that you feel like it; and people you like GIVE you stuff. They just give it to you!

For those of us who wear our hearts and feels on our sleeves, we can assume that at least some of that stuff will be fandom-related. And fandom presents are the BEST presents. How could socks and underwear possibly compare to the ThinkGeek catalog or the creme de la Redbubble?

We put out the call to our Twitter followers and, as always, they came through like gangbusters. Check out the plethora of geek gifts the Head Over Feels family got this year!

Cat Grabby Hands

@notajenny cleaned up with these Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who shirts:

Big Bang and TARDIS t-shirts

…this adorable and accurate sticker:

Doctor Who Single or Taken sticker

…plus River Song’s diary and a TARDIS cross stitch.

TARDIS cross stitch and River's diary

@SmoochyDaisy52‘s boyfriend (a total keeper, obviously) got her this precious Dalek plushie:

Dalek plushie

Judging from all this swag, @kiramalfoy must have been a good little fangirl. First up, this cute plush TARDIS:

TARDIS plush

…this Eleven/Amy/TARDIS lamp, which I need in my life immediately:


Tony Stark I Need It

…AND an exploding TARDIS throw, Eleven tee, and The Hobbit tee and calendar:

Hobbit and Doctor Who goodies

@britt_anylynn also SLAYED Christmas this year, and was kind enough to categorize her gifts according to fandom. First up, some Community swag, featuring a very fetching Jeff Winger bobblehead:

Community swag

…some magical HP tees and candy:

Harry Potter swag

…the requisite Doctor Who wardrobe additions:

Doctor Who Redbubble tees

…and a set of Khallion’s Doctor Who mash-up prints:

Khallion Doctor Who prints

No, your fearless leaders were not left empty-handed. I’m now the proud owner of a Dalek/TARDIS knee sock set and this gorgeous thing:


And Kimmie received heaven in 26 discs – the Tennant Years Doctor Who DVD set!

David Tennant DVD set

Thanks to everyone who sent us their swag! We’re totes jealous of all this fun stuff and already adding to our wishlist for next year. If you didn’t have a chance to get yours in before the deadline, no worries – just leave it in the comments.