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Let’s get right to it.  Tina and Amy KILLED last night.  They looked AMAZING (Stay tuned for Sage’s post about Globes fashion) and they were hysterical without every straying into mean Ricky Gervais territory.  I just love them so much, you guys.  Can they host ALL the awards shows together??

In fact, they were UNDERUSED in the second half of the show which prompted this tweet from Sage: “Can we get an APB on Amy and Tina?”  Why DO Awards Show Hosts tend to vanish in the second half of the show?  Is it a time thing?  An “Oh crap we need to finish this show by 11 and there are SO MANY categories left” thing?  Someone explain it to me please.  But when Amy and Tina DID appear, it was amazing, from dressing up as fake nominees in categories to hanging with superstars during the Comedy Actress category.  But come on, Tina.  You could have hung with someone cooler than Jennifer Lopez.

Way back when we launched Head Over Feels, Sage made a post about picking a new ship for Amy, as news about her divorce had just broken.  Well…sorry Louis C.K., but I have a new winner:

Make this happen, universe.  COULD YOU IMAGINE??

Also, Clooney could eternally GET IT.  To quote Sex and the City, “He’s like a Chanel Suit.  He never goes out of style.”  You want to feel old?  That line was uttered TWELVE YEARS AGO.  And Cloons has only gotten better with age.  He’s number one in my common law top 5.  The EYE CRINKLES.  I cannot.

PS How is he STILL dating Stacy Kiebler??  I seriously thought that was a relationship purely for the red carpet last year.

Also Seth McFarlane, the gauntlet has been thrown down for your Oscar hosting gig.  I have a feeling you won’t live up to Amy and Tina’s flawlessness.  But good luck to you sir.  (Ugh, seriously, I am NOT looking forward to him hosting.  It’s going to be terrible.)

Highlights from the show:

– Jodie Freaking Foster, everyone.  Her speech started loopy (We died over her yelling “I’m 50!!!” SNL style) then veered into a bit of “Fuck you” territory regarding her personal life and much speculated about sexuality and then closed in an incredibly touching retrospective on her career and where she goes from here.  I loved the “But it will be my writing on the wall: Jodie Foster was Here” bit.

– The Supporting Actor Oscar Race just got interesting, y’all.  Buzz has been that Tommy Lee Jones would be taking all the awards for his performance in Lincoln, but the HFPA DOES have a long standing love affair with Quentin Tarantino though.  It was a rough night for presumed Oscar Frontrunner Lincoln, as it only took home the Best Actor Trophy.

– Let’s discuss Anne Hathaway.  Annie, honey.  You KNOW you’re going to be winning many more of these.  Work on your speeches.  I thought her speech when she won was perfectly lovely, especially the shout-out to The Princess Diaries and her biggest competition, Sally Field (though that could have a been a shrewd political move…but it was a likeable one).  But jumping in to finish your speech and thank the people you forgot when Les Mis won Comedy/Musical Film??  No.  This is why many people (me included) tend to roll their eyes at you.  STOP TRYING SO HARD.

– Our reaction to Hillary Clinton’s husband showing up:


(But seriously…how did the HFPA get him to show up???)

– In the race for Best Actress, both Jennifer “I beat Meryl” Lawrence and Jessica Chastain made cases for themselves in regards to who is going to win the Oscar next month with their speeches.

(Come on.  You know the speeches play a part in it.  Especially given that the ballots just went out.)

Can they just tie?  The first time they truly go head to head is in two weeks for the SAGs.

– I remain forever obsessed with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.



– I love how charmingly overwhelmed Lena Dunham was by her wins.  I may not be a fan of Girls, but I have to give her props.

– Claire Danes had a baby A MONTH AGO.  To quote our twitter follower @LorahChalk: @HeadOverFeels I can’t even with Claire’s post baby body. Next baby I am moving to Hollywood, there is magic in the water there.

– T-Swift’s bitch face during Adele’s speech.  TSwizzle, I love you, I do.  BUT YOU ARE NOT ADELE AND YOU HAD NO SHOT AT WINNING THIS.

– Speaking of Adele, way to high five James Bond after your win.

– Also can these two ALWAYS present together??

wiig and ferrell

(Good lord, I hated that dress.  Loved her hair though!)

– Benedict Cumberbatch continues to lose all the awards for his work on Sherlock.  Sigh.


– Was JLo wearing a naked dress just cause Ben was there?  Cause she was naked.  Also, by that point in the evening this happened: @HeadOverFeels “Don’t give her any more wine, she’s talking about Starship Troopers.” – on Kim calling J.Lo’s bf  “Caspar Van Dien.” #GoldenGlobes


– Robert Downey Jr. continues to prove that he IS Tony Stark in real life.


That about sums it up!  Sage summed up the evening in the best way possible: “Tomorrow, I want to find a camera, Hangover-style, full of photos from Amy, Tina, and Jodie’s wild night on the town. #GoldenGlobes”