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Friends will forever be my favorite sitcom.

Yes.  Even more than my beloved Community.

I grew up with Friends, as it premiered when I was 15 and ended when I was 25 (ugh, now I feel OLD).  It (along with The X-Files and Dawson’s Creek) defined event television when I was in college.  I often had rehearsal on Thursday nights, but I would set my faithful VCR (remember when you had to do that? #theworst) and everyone would come over to my apartment afterwards to watch together.  I lived for the day when a season would get released on DVD and I could marathon it.  The day of the finale, my best friend and I ordered The Joey Special (TWO PIZZAS?!) and watched our favorite episodes all day and then cried while watching the finale.

As a side note we did the same thing earlier that year when Sex and the City ended, except it was cosmos instead of pizzas.  2004 was a rough year for TV lovers.

Friends remains my ultimate TV comfort food.  I tend to watch the entire series every year or so, so asking me to choose my favorite 5 episodes is a bit rough.  But I’ve done it AND I have ranked them.  So here we go…

5) “The One Where Ross Got High” – Season Six, Episode 9

All of the Thanksgiving episodes are CLASSICS.  One of my favorite traditions is watching all of the episodes while I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner…it’s the perfect way to pass the time while the turkey is in the oven.  So why THIS Thanksgiving episode?  Because I can never imagine an English Trifle without beef sautéed with peas and onions.  Because whenever I am stuck somewhere I don’t want to be I do this.   And because this is one of the greatest 96 seconds to ever happen on television:

If you watch the DVD commentary for this episode, you’ll learn that it took them FOREVER to get through this scene as the audience was laughing too hard with each confession.  Amazing.

4) “The One With The Prom Video” – Season Two, Episode 14

Also known as the episode where Joey buys Chandler a gaudy gold bracelet that says “Best Buds” and they become bracelet buddies (THAT’S WHAT THEY’LL CALL US!!).

Also known as the episode with  first appearance of Fat Monica. (“Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds!!” “How many camera are ON you?”)

Who am I kidding?

This is the episode where after MONTHS of torturing us with one of the most epic kisses ever and then immediately breaking up when he wrote a list comparing her to Julie (“She’s not RACHUM?!”), Ross and Rachel FINALLY got together for good.  Well until mid Season Three anyway 😉

“See?!  He’s her lobster!!” is one of the best responses ever.  I remember screaming and jumping up and down when this happened.  I should have known THEN what kind of fangirl I was.

 photo shipperheart_zps97bfcc5e.gif

3) “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” – Season Five, Episode 14

Season Five is my favorite overall season of Friends because I loved the storyline of Monica and Chandler sneaking around SO MUCH.  Personally, I think Monica and Chandler falling in love (and more importantly STAYING in love) was the best things Friends ever did.  Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry had a wonderful chemistry and played two deeply neurotic people discovering their soul mate had been in front of them the whole time perfectly.  The show also built the way the group found out amazingly…from Joey to Rachel to finally the whole group finding out in this episode.

They don't know we know they know we know

And who better to mess with Chandler Bing’s head than Phoebe?  Their battle of wills in the climax of the episode is classic from her dance of seduction to Chandler being afraid of her bra to their almost kiss.  And the line “I just thought you guys were doing it, I didn’t know you were in love!!” = everything a shipper wants to hear about her OTP. (ahem. JeffandAnnie. ahem)

Finally…favorite gif is favorite…

Ross Girly Jump

Don’t ever change, Ross.

2) “The One with the Embryos” – Season Four, Episode 12

I know.  This is often thought as the ULTIMATE episode of Friends.  But hear me out.  The only reason this is not at number one is because Phoebe’s story is so separate from the epic trivia “Who Knows Who Best?” game.  Sure her finding out that she is pregnant with her brother’s baby (“I’ll never get tired of you freaking out people with that”) is what brings everyone together in the end, but I feel like the trivia game would have been even more legendary with her in it.  Could you imagine some of her answers??

That being said, this episode is flawless and everyone knows it.  I’m being nitpicky for list-making purposes.


Also, steady hand or not, I NEVER would have bet that apartment.

1) “The One Where No One’s Ready” – Season Three, Episode 2

Because this episode is a perfect farce.  Because this episode is the one I quote the most.

“Hummus, I got the hummus.”

“In the words of A.A. Milne, ‘Get out of my chair, dill hole.'”

“When I get back it’s Chair City, and I’m the guy who’s sitting in a chair.”

“You can’t go commando in another man’s fatigues!”

“I’m Chandler!  Could I BE wearing any more clothes?”

“I’m breezy!” “You can’t SAY you’re breezy, that negates the breeziness!”

“If it IS a new message, then what was he calling to SAY.” “Yeah, I’ll try that.”

“You were going to drink the fat!” “Let’s see what else he’ll do.”

ALL from that episode.  I rest my case.

What about you fellow Friends lovers?  What are your favorites?