Jennifer Lawrence winning the SAG

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Well folks, with the SAG Awards airing last night, we are halfway through Awards Season, with only the BAFTAs remaining before the Super Bowl of Pop Culture, The Oscars!!  While the majority of the winners were not unexpected, the SAG Awards still managed to have some fun, endearing and moving moments.  Let’s reflect on them shall we?

Best Reaction to Winning (Movie Edition): Jennifer Lawrence

Look at our precious blueberry Jennifer Lawrence in that picture.  First of all, she is there with Walking Pneumonia and she looks fabulous.  And she was genuinely surprised at her win.  This was the first head to head battle (or battle with no separate Comedy category) with the other presumed Best Actress Front Runner Jessica Chastain.  The race for Best Actress is ridiculously close, especially if Chastain ends up taking the BAFTA.  This speech could seal the deal for an Oscar win for Lawrence though.  It’s adorable (She thanks “My Super Sweet 16” y’all!!) and gracious without coming off as fake or grating.  Ahem.  Anne Hathaway.  I’ll get to you later.

Also, there has been much debate over whether or not JLaw’s dress ripped.  Word is the dress had those sheer panels already, and they were supposed to show throughout the dress but she (wisely) chose to have the sheer panels hidden, and they only showed as she was making her way up the steps.

Best Reaction to Winning (Television Edition): The Cast of Downton Abbey

The ONE upset of the evening was in the Drama Ensemble category, with Downton beating out the likes of Homeland, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.  Clearly, SAG voters are as obsessed with British Television as we are.  Apparently this win happened right as something TERRIBLE  happened on this week’s airing of Downton on PBS.  I’m not saying what the terrible thing was.  We respect spoilers here at HoF, as Sage will be discussing shortly.   As someone said on twitter last night, that win does NOT make up for what happened, universe!!

Also how FOXY is Mrs. Hughes????  And this is the most precious picture ever, even with the amount of side/underboob Lady Mary was showing.

Worst Reaction to Winning (entire show edition): Anne Hathaway

Annie.  We discussed this in our post on the Golden Globes.  You KNOW you are winning.  Work on your speeches.  You just come off as disingenuous to me.  Maybe it’s nerves?  Whatever it is, you’re  just trying too hard.  You’re also rich, so there is no need for you to joke about “just being thrilled to have dental”.  This is why people roll their eyes at you.  Get yourself together before February 24th please.  Watch tapes of Lawrence and Chastain’s past speeches.  Also wear a better dress please, cause that one was fu to the ugly.

Most Unamused at the SAGs: Tommy Lee Jones

So unamused he didn’t even show up.
 photo tumblr_m7s4d29F8a1ry3ebmo1_400.gif

Classiest Peer Shout Out: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Surprising no one, the cast of Modern Family won Comedy Ensemble for the third year in a row.  However, I thought JTF was the epitome of class when he singled out the departing ensembles of 30 Rock and The OfficeModern Family would not be here had those two shows (especially The Office) paving the way for them.

Only Reason I am Happy That 30 Rock is Over: Because someone else will FINALLY win Best Comedy Actor next year.  Seriously SAG Voters.  I love Alec Baldwin and Jack Donaghy as much as anyone…but the fact that he NEVER lost this award in the entire run of 30 Rock is ridiculous and beyond lazy of you.  As Sage tweeted: “This is why Louis CK intelligently opted to stay home.”

Best Wives: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

What more is there to say about these two???  Tina clearly expected her BFF to FINALLY win (tumblr lip readers are even saying she says “What about Amy?” right after she won.  What say you, readers?) so she was floored when it was her name called instead.  Amy, ever the supportive wife, cheered Tina on from her seat.  And the rest was just flawless lady power.

Also, Tina’s plea that people DVR The Big Bang Theory for once?  Amazing.  It would be great if people also did that on February  7th. #CommunityReturns

Best Presenting Combo: Amy Poehler and Neil Patrick Harris.

My new dream is to have Neil, Amy and Tina host something together. Maybe they can kidnap Seth McFarlane and host the Oscars together?  Yes.  That is the perfect plan.

 photo tumblr_mce34dv4Pq1robl32o2_500-1.gif

Worst Puns: The ENTIRE opening sequence.  “Hey Ben Affleck…Argo find your seat!” “Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain looks Zero Dark Flirty.” NO.  Just NO.

 photo no.gif

Old Person Who Will Forever Be Better Than You: Dick Van Dyke.

“Aren’t we lucky to have found a line of work that doesn’t require us growing up?”

Now that’s how you give a lifetime achievement speech, ladies and gents.

 photo tennantclapping_zps2b116927.gif

Most Likely to Win Best Picture at the Oscars: Argo

With wins at the Critics Choice, Golden Globes, PGA and now the SAGs, Ben Affleck and the Argo team have their eye on the big one and the momentum is swinging in their favor.  The directing snub heard round the world (NEVER FORGET) seems to be pushing Argo over the edge.   Winning Best Picture is better than winning Best Director any day, right Ben?