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Do you hear the people sing?
Lost in the valley of the night
It is the music of a people who are climbing to the light.
For the wretched of the earth there is a flame that never dies,
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

I feel like most musical theatre fans of my age really cut their teeth on Les Miserables.  While my parents had taken me to see other shows (including the other 80’s British Behemoth Phantom of the Opera), Les Mis was the first musical that I would listen to for hours on end.  Oh, how I wanted to be Eponine when I was a teenager (which is interesting, because as an adult, my tastes lean more towards Fantine)!  I would listen to the CDs in the car, often having a MAJOR solo singalong to “One Day More” in which I would do all the different voices.  So needless to say, when it was announced that the musical was FINALLY coming to the big screen, I had high expectations.  I devoured each little tidbit of news…Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean!!  Russell Crowe as Javert?  Hmmmm.  Annie Hathaway as Fantine?  Hey, she can sing.  Amanda Seyfried as Cosette?  Meh, nobody likes Cosette anyway.  HOLD THE PHONE TAYLOR SWIFT IS GOING TO BE EPONINE?!?!?!  NO.  No no no no no no.  WAIT…Eponine is NOT T-Swift but is instead West End Actress Samantha Barks, who was good enough to play the role in the 25th Anniversary concert?  WHEW.

The trailer was amazing.  All the art work was amazing.  Word that came out of advanced screenings was rapturous.  People were weeping and then giving it standing ovations.  They declared the Oscar Race for Best Supporting Actress over before it even started…everybody else go home, cause Anne Hathaway has this in the bag.

All the online chatter did not help temper my expectations.  Could Les Mis possibly live up to the hype?  I dragged my family along with me to the first screening on Christmas Morning to find out…

Obviously, there are spoilers.  But what do you care?  You know the Cast Recording inside out, don’t you?


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Posted by Kim

“Oh! Both of you! I’ll get in the middle.” #yeahyouwill

Dear Readers, When Sage and I got comps to see The Heiress on Broadway, did you ever doubt that we would get a picture with Matthew Crawley?

“Screw it, we’re doing this.”

The fact that we both subscribe to this philosophy has always been one of the best parts of our friendship.  In other words, when faced with a potential celebrity encounter, if one of us starts to chicken out, the other is always there to say, “Nope, this is happening.”  Some may call this behavior enabling.  We call it making sure our lives are as awesome as possible.  Allow us to reflect on how this mantra has worked for us.


Earlier this year I went to a screening of Friends With Kids with Sage and our friend Samantha.  This wasn’t any ordinary screening, mind you.  This was a screening that had a Q&A with the Sexy Elf King himself, Adam Scott (who happens to be in Sage’s Top 5).  First of all, if you haven’t seen Friends With Kids, bump it to the top of your Netflix queue IMMEDIATELY.  It’s fantastic, and Adam is perfect in it.  We got seats at the front of the theatre so we could have the best possible view of Adam and his epic hair.  And believe me…the hair is more epic in person.

No zoom on this. We were that close.

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