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Recreating the End of the Pilot

Posted by Kim

I don’t even know where to start.

CommuniCon had been a pipe dream since the third season hiatus.  I think the term was coined during the Paley Fest panel when we realized how many of our Twitter Study Group were either in the actual audience, at the “Greendale Pep Rally” at the NY Paley center (where the panel was being streamed) or huddled around computers watching the feed from Paley’s website.  Someone tweeted that it felt like we were all at our own convention and the term “CommuniCon” was born.  We started calling any gathering of two or more Community fans CommuniCon and we all talked about how wonderful it would be if a fan convention could happen.

But I never thought it actually WOULD happen.

Not that I don’t have faith in my fellow Community fans.  It’s just that organizing an official convention is a massive undertaking.  But I should have known better.  The one thing you don’t tell a Community fan is that something is impossible.  Community fans MAKE things possible.

My lovely friend Gillian followed our favorite instinct here at Head Over Feels (“Screw It, We’re Doing This”) and CommuniCon became a reality.  Over the next few months, Gillian, along with me and the rest of the “Tranny Queens” Sarah, Jen and Catherine, emailed and brainstormed and flailed about and maaaaaaaaaaaaybe abused an imdb pro account (*innocent whistle*) to put it together (it should also be mentioned that NONE OF US lived in Los Angeles, where it was held).  Tickets to the Con sold out in minutes and there was a wait list up until the very last day.  I cashed in my long saved frequent flier miles for a trip to LA, booked a hotel room with my future wives and BARELY beat Winter Storm Nemo out of New York City on Friday.

It was better than I could have even imagined it would be.

Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs decided to crash the Con

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Posted by Sage

Listen: The holidays are awesome. All the best movies of the year come out within the same two-week span; you can start drinking at pretty much any time of the day that you feel like it; and people you like GIVE you stuff. They just give it to you!

For those of us who wear our hearts and feels on our sleeves, we can assume that at least some of that stuff will be fandom-related. And fandom presents are the BEST presents. How could socks and underwear possibly compare to the ThinkGeek catalog or the creme de la Redbubble?

We put out the call to our Twitter followers and, as always, they came through like gangbusters. Check out the plethora of geek gifts the Head Over Feels family got this year!

Cat Grabby Hands

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– Posted by Sage

Guys, it’s been a really rough day. First, the guy at Dunkin forgot to put the pumpkin flavoring in my coffee. I had to drink plain coffee, like some kind of plain-coffee-drinking schmuck. Then I had to spend an hour looking at pictures of our Sexiest Woman Alive winner and runner-up in various states of undress. When will the torture end?

Thanks to all the hot-lady appreciating folks who voted in our Facebook poll this week. Head Over Feels nominated our six favorite sexy women and our followers wrote in some other inspired picks. (Shout out to Angela Lansbury and Miss Piggy.) Even though the eventual winner jumped to the head of the pack early, it was an exciting race for #2. It just so happens that our top two girls are also colleagues, which gives us fair reason to fantasize about slumber parties after long days on the Mad Men set. Can we be invited next time? We’ll bring the popcorn.

You know this post needs a soundtrack, and these stacked ladies deserve some serious, bass-heavy funk.

Let the ogling begin!

The Sexiest Woman Alive, Runner-Up: Christina Hendricks

The fact that you guys voted for a runner-up with a dress size of 14 makes me want to throw all of my airbrush-happy womens magazines out my window and run down my street, triumphantly singing. Congratulations to the gorgeous and talented Ms. Hendricks for being an inspiration for body confidence and werking that shit.

Christina Hendricks hair




Christina Hendricks glasses

Looking fine and sophisticated in some hipster specs.

Christina Hendricks Firefly Saffron

Extra credit for playing a sexy baddie in Firefly.

Christina Hendricks Joan Holloway Mad Men

Like Joan, Christina’s style is deliciously womanly. Can that body look anything BUT womanly?

Christina Hendricks John Slattery Mad Men

If you were Roger, could you have ever gotten over this one? Didn’t think so.

Christina Hendricks black bra

Worth the back pain, probably.

And now, the woman voted (overwhelmingly) into the top spot by Head Over Feels readers…

The Sexiest Woman Alive: Alison Brie

As Jeff Winger once said to Annie Edison, “You’re becoming dangerous, Annie. It’s those doe eyes. Disappointing you is like choking the Little Mermaid with a bike chain.” Add those doe eyes to that rocking bod and you’ve got our Sexiest Woman Alive. Alison is the “Girl Next Door” fantasy on steroids.  And it’s no coincidence that she’s on two of Head Over Feels’ favorite shows, and very nearly perfect on both of them. We like her beautiful insides too.

Alison Brie tank top

How is this fair to the rest of us, Alison?

Alison Brie ice cream

A. Tongue. B. That ice cream looks delicious, omg.

Alison Attack of the Show
Note not only those legs, but also the Annie Adderall tee.

Alison Brie I Like Food

No stick figure sex symbols for Head Over Feels.

Alison Brie taking off shirt
Study group swag.

Alison Brie Gillian Jacobs lingerie

I don’t think anyone will complain about some bonus Gillian Jacobs.

And now, the Sexiest Woman Alive and one of our Sexiest Men Alive will have their first dance:

Joel McHale Alison Brie dancing

There is a serious lack of photos of Christina Hendricks and co-Sexiest Man Adam Scott together. Get on that, internet.

Congratulations to all the nominees and especially to our winners! You all represent this blog’s favorite qualities in a gal: style and substance, talent and sex appeal, nerdiness and heart. And we thank you for it.

Christina Hendricks and Alison Brie

Posted by Kim

A few weeks ago we had a Sexiest Man Alive contest which lead to ultimate Life Ruiners Joel McHale and Adam Scott being crowned the First Annual Head Over Feels Sexiest Men alive and being retired to the Hall of Fame.  Now…let it never be said that we are not equal opportunity objectifiers here at Head Over Feels.  We appreciate the hot ladies just as much as we do the men.  Maybe even more.

So get thee to our Facebook page (and while you’re there, go ahead and like us) and vote for the First Annual Head Over Feels Sexiest Woman Alive.   Voting will close tomorrow evening.  Don’t see your favorite sexy Lady? Nominate your own choice!  In the meantime, feast your eyes upon the gorgeousness of our Top Six Nominees…

As always, thank you to the lovely Chelsea for helping compile gifs and photos.  Somebody hire her please.  Gif collecting is totally a special skill.


1) Alison Brie

Any Sexy Lady poll that doesn’t include Alison is invalid.  Not only is she Community‘s Annie Edison and Mad Men‘s Trudy Campbell (bb, you deserve so much better than Pete.  Please divorce his ass next season and become BFF’s with Joanie), just LOOK AT HER.  That hair.  Those Eyes.  Those Legs.  The perfect complexion.  Don’t even get me started on her cleavage.  It’s pretty famous on the internet.   And she even knows it.  And the fact that she is an incredibly talented actress and comedienne?  Well, Ali, that’s just ruining everything for the rest of us.






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Posted by Kim

“Oh! Both of you! I’ll get in the middle.” #yeahyouwill

Dear Readers, When Sage and I got comps to see The Heiress on Broadway, did you ever doubt that we would get a picture with Matthew Crawley?

-Posted by Sage

Starting Head Over Feels with Kim is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The blog has given me creative purpose and connected me to new friends, but I really haven’t been exploiting it enough for one particular purpose:

Scoring with dudes.

I mean, everybody uses the internet to get dates these days, right? I know of plenty of sickeningly adorable success stories, of which I am not at all jealous. Unfortunately, the process of wading through hundreds of identical profiles and enduring several humiliating first dates is generally soul-crushing. And now with the news that OkCupid is probably full of cannibals, what’s a girl to do?

“Put yourself out there!”, they say. Where is “out there”? Is it a magical place where single, straight, normal 20-30 something guys hang out, just chomping at the bit to get into healthy, monogamous relationships? Can I get directions on HopStop?

I’m trying a new tactic. And I don’t think it’s any more of a shot in the dark than betting your life’s happiness on a match.com algorithm.

Hey, Ben Schwartz: I think you’re terribly cute, funny, and smart. Next time you’re in NYC, let’s go out for a drink.

Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz is my Clooney. My Gosling. My Prince Harry, minus the questionable fancy-dress choices. I have Parks and Recreation to thank for introducing me to Ben via Jean Ralphio Saperstein, the only Pawnee resident who can match Tom Haverford swag for swag. He’s also brilliant on Showtime’s House of Lieswhich is thankfully returning soon with a second season. Then there’s his bonkers work on Jake and Amir, College Humor, and Funny or Die; a guest-hosting gig on Attack of the Show (RIP); improv shows at UCB in NY and LA; and plenty of writing projects.

I met Ben after one of his shows at the Del Close Marathon at UCB NY this year. He smelled good and was really nice to me. And all of my Facebook friends were jealous of my picture.

Have I mentioned that he’s adorable?

New Girl Cute Guy Alert

On the real, Ben: why not? (Unless you have a girlfriend, in which case, please give her my apologies.) I think you’re hilarious. And I’m buying.

Posted by Kim

First of all, Sage and I were both incredibly lucky considering Hurricane Sandy.  Neither one of us lost power, even though Sage lost the internet for a brief time.  I feel sort of guilty that my biggest crisis was the fact that we got down to 1.5 bottles of wine by the end!  And like any good pop culture/TV Junkies, we passed the time by marathoning TV shows…Sage went with The West Wing and Being Human (The UK version naturally), while I went with some Classic Doctor Who (my first experience with Tom Baker!  I can see why people loved him so) and old school Grey’s Anatomy.  Not a bad way to pass the time.  Things are sloooooooowly getting back to normal here.  Subways are still out, so my office remains blissfully closed until further notice.  Yay!


Second of all…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

While we didn’t QUITE take Barney Stinson’s advice about slutting up for Halloween, Sage and I planned months ago to go as sassy versions of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors.  Luckily, Sandy waited to strike AFTER our big Halloween plans!  We knew we wanted to go as SOMEONE from Doctor Who and we ultimately decided to go as Doctors, as we felt that there would be more pressure for accuracy had we gone as Rose or Donna Noble or Amy Pond.  I am pretty proud of our results!!


Fezzes are cool.

We were also quite impressed with the pop culture cleverness of our friends at the party and of our friends on Twitter.  Peruse more Halloween Geekery after the jump!

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Posted by Kim

As New York City braces for Hurricane Sandy, allow Sage and I to take a moment and squee.  5000 views of our blog in its first month!!!  I know Sage will agree with me when I say that starting this blog was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  We say all the time that it would not have been nearly as much fun had we not done this together.  I’m so glad to be writing with such a brilliant partner and friend who not only understands all my feels but also inspires me everyday.  XOXO.

And to everyone who has taken the time over the past month to read and share THEIR feels, be it here on the blog or on Facebook or Twitter…THANK YOU!!  We love you all and look forward to sharing much much more with you.

And now…enjoy some party gifs.  I’m going to go get a few more bottles of wine.  I’m some how feeling that my current stash of 5 bottles won’t get us through this storm…










-Posted by Sage

“Then Bill Hader, in character as Stefon, spit vodka into Paul Rudd’s mouth and all over his face.”

“It sounds like you’re describing a crack!fic.”

But it wasn’t crack!fic. It was crack!fact.

Last night, Kim and I trekked all the way to 11th Avenue to The Daily Show studios to be in the audience of the live telethon portion of Night of Too Many Stars, Comedy Central’s annual autism benefit. I booked the tickets through provider 1iota.com, who also fill seats for Jimmy Kimmel, The Voice, and loads of other special events. But the ticket confirmation gave us little detail beyond where to be and when to be there. A celebrity-oriented mystery adventure on a Sunday night? Consider us in.

After waiting about an hour with 75 or so other seat fillers, we were ushered onto The Daily Show set. Instead of Jon Stewart’s news desk, the soundstage was occupied by four curved tables arranged in two concentric semi-circles. In front of each chair was a phone, laptop, and name plate. As we are wont to do, Kim and I grasped hands and whisper-screamed each name: Julianne Moore. Jerry Seinfeld. Meredith Viera. Wendy Williams. John Oliver. TOM. HANKS.

We took our seats in the second row of the center section and watched headsetted PAs and producers running around in controlled chaos. Then, the celebrities started streaming in. The name plates served as fair warning for some of them, but we had absolutely no warning at all for Paul “Picture of Dorian Gray” Rudd and Seth “I’m Gorgeous and Smart and Funny” Meyers. As usual, we seem to be reacting way more than anyone else around us. GUYS. Tom Hanks is RIGHT THERE.

RDJ judges you
I judge anyone who can keep their cool in the presence of HANX.

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-Posted by Sage

Comic Con Speed Dating is a thing that happens.

As soon as I received the email notification about it, I knew I had to go. What would possibly make a more perfect Head Over Feels post? Also: I’m single, pushing 30, and own a Sonic Screwdriver with light and sound effects. I must be the target demo.

The day drew nearer, and I started to actually get a little excited. I love people who love things. And people who don’t love things sort of freak me out. Also, hot geeks exist; I’ve seen them. I assumed the room would be filled with guys like this:

Zach Levi Nerd Machine

Or this:

Nathan Fillion Entertainment Weekly

Or maybe even this:

Nasa Mohawk Guy

Ugh. Remember NASA guy?

Emma Stone Nerd Flirting

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