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Grace Adler loves TV
Posted by Sage

You didn’t think we could stop at 12, did you?

After Kim’s top TV moments post, a few of you were kind enough to ask about my list. My babies, you flatter me. It didn’t take long to come up with 12 (and a half) more memorable pieces of television that aired this year. This list is highly subjective and not at all complete – I’m a season behind on Louie, and I haven’t even started Homeland or The Walking Dead. But that’s enough with the excuses. On with the list!

1) The Gabby Giffords “Fix You” Montage – The Newsroom

It’s not that I DON’T realize that Aaron Sorkin is manipulating my emotions, it’s that he’s so good at it that I don’t care. The Newsroom had its moments this year, and the best were usually when the news team kicked into action. This montage also includes some of the best dialogue in the first season of the series: “It’s a person. A doctor pronounces her dead, not the news.” and “You’re a fucking newsman, Don, I ever tell you otherwise, you PUNCH ME IN THE FACE!”

2) Amy Poehler and Julia Louis Dreyfus switch Emmy acceptance speeches.

As much as I worship at the altar of Amy, I’ve got nothing but love for Julia Louis Dreyfus. And apparently, Amy does too. Their bit was cute and clever, and acknowledged that Julia realized (though she’s brilliant) that she was taking home an award for one season of work vs. Amy’s five. The TV funny lady crew has always seemed chummy instead of catty, and you can’t help but cheer on this kind of friendship and support. Love.

2.5) Leslie Knope votes for herself – Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope votes for herself

But seriously, Amy should have won that Emmy.

3) The Battle of Blackwater – Game of Thrones

It seemed like all of the action in the talky second season of GoT was crammed into this episode. Explosions! Fire! Heads chopped off! And meanwhile, Cersei Lannister getting gloriously hammered and bitchy.

Cersei Lannister asks for more wine

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Posted by Kim

First of all, Sage and I were both incredibly lucky considering Hurricane Sandy.  Neither one of us lost power, even though Sage lost the internet for a brief time.  I feel sort of guilty that my biggest crisis was the fact that we got down to 1.5 bottles of wine by the end!  And like any good pop culture/TV Junkies, we passed the time by marathoning TV shows…Sage went with The West Wing and Being Human (The UK version naturally), while I went with some Classic Doctor Who (my first experience with Tom Baker!  I can see why people loved him so) and old school Grey’s Anatomy.  Not a bad way to pass the time.  Things are sloooooooowly getting back to normal here.  Subways are still out, so my office remains blissfully closed until further notice.  Yay!


Second of all…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

While we didn’t QUITE take Barney Stinson’s advice about slutting up for Halloween, Sage and I planned months ago to go as sassy versions of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors.  Luckily, Sandy waited to strike AFTER our big Halloween plans!  We knew we wanted to go as SOMEONE from Doctor Who and we ultimately decided to go as Doctors, as we felt that there would be more pressure for accuracy had we gone as Rose or Donna Noble or Amy Pond.  I am pretty proud of our results!!


Fezzes are cool.

We were also quite impressed with the pop culture cleverness of our friends at the party and of our friends on Twitter.  Peruse more Halloween Geekery after the jump!

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