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Posted by Kim

Earlier this week Sage posted her Top 5 TV Boyfriends, so clearly I must do the same.  It’s funny, because as I was putting list together, I realized that I not only have a physical type when it comes to my TV boyfriends, I clearly have an emotional type as well.  All of these men are men who are SURE.  They are SURE in their love for their partner, even when they are not in a relationship with them.  Their love never wavers.  Clearly, that says something about me, but that analysis is probably better left to a shrink.

There is a quote from Grey’s Anatomy that sums all of these guys up:

I am sure. I am steady. And I know that I am a heart man. I take them apart and I put them back together and I hold them in my hands. I am a heart man. So this I am sure, you are my partner, my lover, my very best friend, my heart…my heart beats for you. And on this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this: I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands, I promise you me.

(Now, let’s IGNORE the fact that the above wedding didn’t actually happen.  That’s neither here nor there.)

So let’s take a look at these men who have given women everywhere incredibly unrealistic expectations for relationships, shall we?

1) Seeley Booth – Bones

I’m just gonna go ahead and quote Angela Montenegro here: “Booth is a big, strong, hot guy who wants to save your life. I mean, you actually have a knight in shining FBI standard-issue body armor, so cut him some slack.”

Enough said.  Next please.

Also I CANNOT with how he looks at Brennan.  Boreanaz has TRULY perfected the “I love you so much it physically hurts me” look, no?

And if that’s not enough, as we saw in last week’s episode, he puts on carnivals for sick children and wants to remain anonymous about it. *DIES*

2) Pacey Witter – Dawson’s Creek

Pacey Witter treads the line between TV Bad Boy that we love anyway (our post about THOSE is coming in the next few weeks) and perfect TV Boyfriend.  But come on.  HE BOUGHT JOEY A WALL (well…rented it.  BUT STILL).  He counted to ten before kissing her again just in case she wanted to stop him.  He “remembers everything”.  He named his boat “True Love” for Joey.  Basically, underneath all of his bravado, Pacey Witter was the world’s BIGGEST romantic.

Stop it.

Sure Pacey was very often self-destructive and plagued by feelings of unworthiness (UGH THE END OF SEASON FOUR).  He always had the best of intentions, but often messed up in trying to carry them out.  But his flaws are what made him perfect.  No matter what, no matter how badly he would muck things up, you always cheered for him and wanted him to be happy.  Even if it WAS with Joey Potter, who didn’t deserve his wonderfulness.

Yeah I said it.

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Posted by Kim

Happy New Year’s Eve, dear readers!!  As 2012 draws to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on the year that was.  Television in 2012 was chock full of feels…angry ones, hilarious ones, swoon worthy ones, triumphant ones and (sometimes literally if you are part of a show produced by Steven Moffat) jump off the roof of a building ones.  I’ve picked out my top 12 TV moments of 2012 because I refuse to be limited to only ten.  I refuse to rank them though.  That’s like ranking my friends.  And I don’t do that. 😉

1) Kristen Wiig says goodbye – Saturday Night Live

We all knew it was coming after Bridesmaids was a massive hit that resulted in an Original Screenplay Oscar Nomination for Kristin Wiig.  We knew all season that this would be her last on SNL, even if she never came out and said it explicitly.  Kristen left an indelible mark on SNL and this was a lovely and touching send-off for her.

2) McKayla Maroney’s Near Perfect Vault – Summer Olympics

I still don’t see how this didn’t get a perfect score

3) Kristin Bell Loves Sloths – The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Proving that celebrities can have fangirl meltdowns too…

This may or may not have been how I reacted (internally, obviously) the first time I met Joel McHale this year.

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Posted by Kim


“So you’re telling me after 21 years at this label, if I don’t open for your little ingénue, who wouldn’t even make it as one of my back-up singers, that you’re not going to support me? Well…you can kiss my decision as I’m walking out the door.”

Earlier this week, thanks to Hulu,  I watched the pilot for Nashville, which premieres tonight at 10/9C on ABC.

As a woman, a native Nashvillian and a rabid Connie Britton fan (TEXAS FOREVER), I AM the core demographic that Nashville was written for.  I was sold on the show from the moment I read the summary after it was announced in the spring.  My hopes for the show were boosted even higher when most TV critics named it among the best new shows of the fall.  I was desperate for the pilot to live up to expectations.

It’s fantastic.

I’ve already season passed it on the DVR.  I already have a ship (shippers gotta ship, y’all!) that is sure to be deliciously angsty, as one of them is married.  And before you judge me, there is a scene between these two characters where the chemistry is SO ridiculous, you’d have to be dead not to ship it.  I’m not going to go into anymore detail than that.  When you watch it, you’ll know what I was talking about.  The cast, lead by Britton and Hayden (Save the Cheerleader) Panettiere, is universally strong, and the characters, while there are some soap opera archetypes (the power-hungry daddy, the struggling waitress with a dream), are strongly defined.  And the music is great, especially the Civil Wars-esque ballad that closes the show.  All in all, the pilot is a must see, and I hope that the series continues to build from here.

After I watched Nashville, I got to thinking about pilot episodes.  They are definitely a tricky thing, which is why I am so impressed when one is excellent.  Pilots have to introduce all their characters, set up the storyline so that the audience CARES about the characters (so they are often overstuffed with exposition), and at the same time show the Network Suits what the show is capable of and how it could bring them all the money and acclaim that they desire.  It’s a tall order.

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Posted by Sage

One of the many reasons I love my co-blogstress is that she knows exactly how to cheer me up on an awful day. When nothing is going right, and I feel unappreciated and powerless, GChat flashes words of encouragement: “You are Jenna Rink. Big-time magazine editor!”

Okay, so maybe pep talks from 13 Going on 30 and the like don’t directly apply to my life, but they nevertheless motivate me to keep going and power through the bullshit. When in doubt, I make a quick trip to YouTube for a 30 second boost from one of heroes. It’s therapy for people who can’t afford therapy.

I want to share my favorite pop culture pep talks with you, Heads Over Feels’ers. Bookmark this post in case of emergency. The next time your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/boss/friends/
parents/personal trainer/ATM balance display/DVR backup brings you downs, let one of these inspirational pieces remind of your innate awesomeness.

Jeff Winger kicks off the list with an epic speech from the pilot of our beloved Community. Even at the lowest point in his life, Jeff finds and is elevated by the extraordinary in every member of this ragtag study group. “You are all better than you think you are, you are just designed not to believe it when you hear it from yourself.” Hear, hear, Jeffrey.

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“Did you know that ‘Karaoke’ means ‘Empty Orchestra’?  That’s hauntingly beautiful, isn’t it?” 

–Ted Evelyn Mosby

Posted by Kim

In addition to being blogging goddesses, Sage and I run an organization called PromCon.  We do monthly events that culminate in a Prom Themed pub crawl every May, and we also collect money to give to Donate My Dress.  Tonight we have our semi-annual karaoke night and it got me thinking about the do’s and don’ts of Karaoke.

First of all, if you suck, suck with style.  I have a friend who is completely tone deaf…yet she LOVES karaoke.  And whenever she gets up there, she doesn’t try to be good, and yet she is having so much fun, you can’t help but smile and sing along with her.  This rule is also proven in this fantastic scene from My Best Friend’s Wedding…

Well played, Kimberly Wallace.  Well played.  Sucking…with style.

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