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Ten Rose Hands

– Posted by Sage

XOXO to Kim for taking over my last playlist post while I dealt with day-job craziness. The storm has passed and I can now again focus on what’s really important: soundtracking the romantic relationship of fictional characters.

The Doctor is such a rich character to analyze. He’s constantly dealing with all the realities of the universe and the turn of time, but with some very familiar and human emotions. And he’s almost completely undone by his love for this girl. All of my playlist selections today are from the heartbreaking POV of the Doctor.

“Just Me Before We Met” – Noah and The Whale

“Looking through the photos you find in my drawer
Laughing so hard you’re rolling around on the floor
At all the bad haircuts and smoking cigarettes
The lustless romantic trying hard to impress

Well that’s just me before we met
Well that’s just me before we met

Putting down the photos you look up at me
Enjoying the thought of the person I used to be
The things I was proud of
The things I regret
Some things I remember
Some things I forget

Well that’s just me before we met
Well that’s just me before we met

Well I’ve always had a wild imagination
And a see through heart
Which I know can be a wild combination
Like a flame forms from a spark

But don’t be shy
Be brave little champion
It’s better to live than to hide”

“Just Me Before We Met” is one of those songs that just tackled me when it came up on shuffle one day. I had to stop on Astor Place, hit replay, and lean against the K-Mart while the feels washed over. It could speak to the Doctor’s relationship with any of his companions, but there’s something very Rose about it to me. I can picture them doing this, probably right after “School Reunion” – him showing her pictures of what he used to look like and the silly things he used to wear; and her wanting to know absolutely everything.

Rose is the only modern companion to have known more than one regeneration of the Doctor, so I think that she understands him in a way that Martha, Donna, and Amy don’t. (Every companion has a unique relationship with him, after all.) She’s had to come to terms with the fact that Nine is both always there and never coming back. I imagine that, once she understood the circumstances and came to trust Ten, he would regale her with stories about all of his past selves: mistakes, triumphs, and tragedies. What a relief for the Doctor that Rose accepts and loves this very alien part of him.

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-Posted by Sage

While the rest of the country got hammered on the VP Debate drinking game (“Every time Biden says ‘Malarkey,’ drink!” “Every time Biden makes a Jim Halpert face into the camera, drink!” “Every time Ryan says something completely insane about beans or whatever, drink!”), I was slowly making my way into Radio City Music Hall, behind streams of be-sequined college students. Being an amateur anthropologist of and willing participant in teen fandom culture, I wasn’t surprised by any exhibited behaviors: painfully loud group singalongs, taking countless selfies with marquee, “Omg, is Demi here? What was her last tweet?”  The excitement was palpable. The Jonas Brothers are back, ya’ll.

Jonas Deal With It

Hi everyone. I’m Sage, I’m 29 years old, and I love the Jonas Brothers.

Hi, Sage.

You remember them, right? Former Disney darlings, beloved by the First Family. Nick, the youngest – a serious-minded prodigy. Joe, the middle – goofy/swaggering frontman. And Kevin, the oldest – earnest and endearing. I started fangirling them during their period of ubiquitousness: late 2008/2009. Luckily my roommate felt the same way and our DVR quickly filled up with talk show appearances, performances at awards shows, and more Disney Channel than anyone should ever watch.  I think they’re funny and good-hearted. Their music is catchy, and has clearly grown and developed with each album. They work incredibly hard and kill it live. Oh, and fine. They’re also pretty cute.

Happy Endings

They’re all in their 20s. Please don’t call the cops.

If we’re IRL friends, then you probably know this about me already. I refuse to be embarrassed about liking a band just because I could have babysat every member. Isn’t that also true of my peers and every boring-shit, indie outfit out there?

Is it because we’re girls? Because we’re girls who sometimes like to dress sparkly and singalong to pop love songs? The extreme hatred of bands like Jonas or One Direction and the people who love them has always had the whiff of misogyny. And the most common “insult” thrown at these guys is usually, ding ding ding!, you guessed it: “THEY’RE SO GAY.” We don’t begrudge you your toys and comics and video games and formulaic, juvenile action movies. They’re a callback to your childhood, right? And something you share with your friends? Fucking great then! Enjoy, with my compliments. I came to last night’s show straight from New York Comic Con, where it warmed my cold, dead heart to see so many fanboys and girls in their element. Real life very often sucks. Even if I don’t get it, I support your escapism, wherever you find it.

The Jonas Brothers played for nearly 2 straight hours last night. New songs, old songs with new arrangements, covers, mashups. With longtime band members and new ones. My ears are still ringing. And for that two hours, I was blissfully unaware of my problems and in the moment. And if you have a problem with that?

Andrew Garfield doesn't give a fuck

I Regret Nothing

Kevin What