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Posted by Kim

Alert to all of our fellow Whovians!  Last year’s delightful Christmas Special, “The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe” is currently free on iTunes.   Scroll down to #33 on this list!

Did anyone else SOB over this exchange last year?  Cause I know *I* did!

  • Amy: We’re about to have Christmas dinner. Joining us?
  • The Doctor: If it’s no trouble.
  • Rory: There’s a place set for you.
  • The Doctor: But you didn’t know I was coming. Why would you set me a place?
  • Amy: Oh, because we always do. It’s Christmas, you moron.

Happy Crying.  Humany-Wumany.

Also get it because this happened:
Eleven and Hammocks

– Posted by Sage

Every since FGQ (Flawless Ginger Queen) Christina Hendricks took runner-up in our Sexiest Woman Alive poll, I’ve been wanting to do a post dedicated to some of our other favorite redheads. Just doing my part to preserve the tradition, since apparently we are headed to extinction. Help me appreciate these flame-haired wonders while you still can.

Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Am I ginger

“Aw, I always wanted to be ginger!”

Dana Scully – The X-Files

X-Files Dana Scully Triangle

Special Agent Dana Scully has been my role model since I was 13. She’s tough, compassionate, and basically a genius. Also, she  got exponentially hotter as the show went on. Do all redheads age so well? One can only hope.

Hoban “Wash” Washburne – Firefly/Serenity

Firefly Washburne

Siiiigh. Oh, Wash. Waaasssshhh. *sobs*

Still not over it.

Amy Pond – Doctor Who

Amy Pond Doctor Who Sunflowers

“Brighter than sunflowers.”

Amy Pond brought some trademark ginger sauciness to Doctor Who.  She’s that girl you wanted to hate in high school because all the boys wanted her, but you couldn’t, because she was so cool. P.S. She essentially inspired Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. How many blondes can say that?

Ariel – The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Ariel pout

Ariel is the most realistic Disney princess of our generation, possibly ever. She is the same selfish, whiny teenager we all were, only with fins. It was actually refreshing. I like my heroines flawed. And can we please talk about the gorgeousness of the animation of that hair?

Lily Aldrin – How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Lily Alrin

Friend. Wife. Mother. Slap-Bet Commissioner. Lily Aldrin-Eriksen does it all.

Donna Noble – Doctor Who

Donna Noble Doctor Who Isn't That Wizard

If Amy is the sauce, Donna is the sass. Donna Noble won’t be having any of your shit. But she will have a salute, thank you.

The Weasleys – Harry Potter

Weasley Family Harry Potter

No list of ginger worship would be complete without the Weasleys. Sure, they’re wacky and fun. But let’s not forget their sheer badassery. If it weren’t for the Weasley family, we’d all be Death Eaters by now.

There are many, many more awe-inspiring reds in the world of pop culture, and this post is far from comprehensive. Did we miss your favorite ginger character? Put it in the comments.

Posted by Kim and Sage

49 years ago today, the World’s Most Life Ruining Television Show was born.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOCTOR WHO!!  Thank you for giving us all the feels, the world’s most flawless OTP, and David Tennant and Matt Smith’s hair.

David Tennant Catherine Tate BuzzcocksLife before Doctor Who

Doctor Who Mel stupidLife after Doctor Who

Also, Doctor, any time you want to show up and take us away in the TARDIS…we are ready and we have been training for it. I mean…as Eleven…I mean Matt Smith said to us, on our ultimate Whovian Friendaversary: “I mean…what a thing to say to someone! Do you want to come with me?”


“All of time and space…what do you want to see?”


Ninth Doctor fantastic

Dalek party hard

david tennant cake

Eleventh Doctor hello i'm the doctor

Amy Pond wedding clap

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Doctor Who 7 x 05
The Angels Take Manhattan

Posted by Kim

“…Just make it a good one.”

And what a good one it was.

I can’t bear to watch the episode again.  I woke up this morning, thought about it, and started crying again.  Luckily Tumblr exists and I can see all the key moments without having to actually watch it.  So here are my thoughts, posted after the jump for any spoilerphobes out there who haven’t seen the episode yet.


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Posted by Kim

I’ll be back tomorrow with a more detailed post (if I can survive watching the episode again to take notes), but for now…let me express my feels.








As Sage once BRILLIANTLY pointed out to Matt Smith (another story for another blog entry), the reason most of us tune in to Doctor Who week after week is not for the epic Monster of the Week story, but for the relationship between the Doctor and his human companions. Honestly, the overarching plot of this week’s episode, The Power of Three, felt arbitrary. The slow invasion existed principally to give the Doctor (and the viewers) more time with the Ponds. And considering I teared up no less than three times in the episode, those emotional moments paid off in spades.

The pinnacle of the episode to me was the scene between The Doctor and Amy where they talked about how Amy and Rory are considering stopping traveling with The Doctor. The Doctor and Amy’s relationship has often been compared to that of Peter Pan and Wendy, and in this series we’ve seen Amy grow up and need her Raggedy Doctor less and less. And Matt and Karen have played that realization perfectly…every scene between them has been tinged with a bittersweet beauty (for both the characters and Matt and Karen as actors) and my heart breaks a little bit each time. And don’t even get me started on this line: “Because you were the first. The first face this face saw and you were seared onto my hearts, Amelia Pond. You always will be.” Fantastic writing. (Side note: that line also further solidified to me the bond between the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, as she was the first face that face ever saw. Nope…I’m never letting that flawless OTP go. NEVER.)

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