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“Screw it, we’re doing this.”

The fact that we both subscribe to this philosophy has always been one of the best parts of our friendship.  In other words, when faced with a potential celebrity encounter, if one of us starts to chicken out, the other is always there to say, “Nope, this is happening.”  Some may call this behavior enabling.  We call it making sure our lives are as awesome as possible.  Allow us to reflect on how this mantra has worked for us.


Earlier this year I went to a screening of Friends With Kids with Sage and our friend Samantha.  This wasn’t any ordinary screening, mind you.  This was a screening that had a Q&A with the Sexy Elf King himself, Adam Scott (who happens to be in Sage’s Top 5).  First of all, if you haven’t seen Friends With Kids, bump it to the top of your Netflix queue IMMEDIATELY.  It’s fantastic, and Adam is perfect in it.  We got seats at the front of the theatre so we could have the best possible view of Adam and his epic hair.  And believe me…the hair is more epic in person.

No zoom on this. We were that close.

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