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Posted by Kim


It was a completely normal Monday evening.  Until this happened.  11 Days before its season premiere, NBC pulls Community (and for those who care, Whitney) from the schedule, with no word on WHEN they will air.  And THEN they issue a complete bullshit official statement that really doesn’t say much, other than they would rather continue promoting Revolution,  The New Normal and Go On over Community.  The optimistic side of me says that cancellation is nigh for Animal Practice, Up All Night, and Guys With Kids and we (YES WE) will be moved from Fridays to an earlier weeknight.  The other side of me is fretting over our chances for a back 9 order. The other side of me is paralyzed with fear that we will be held until January.  The other side of me can only express her rage though gifs.  So here we go…




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