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Posted by Kim

Happy New Year’s Eve, dear readers!!  As 2012 draws to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on the year that was.  Television in 2012 was chock full of feels…angry ones, hilarious ones, swoon worthy ones, triumphant ones and (sometimes literally if you are part of a show produced by Steven Moffat) jump off the roof of a building ones.  I’ve picked out my top 12 TV moments of 2012 because I refuse to be limited to only ten.  I refuse to rank them though.  That’s like ranking my friends.  And I don’t do that. 😉

1) Kristen Wiig says goodbye – Saturday Night Live

We all knew it was coming after Bridesmaids was a massive hit that resulted in an Original Screenplay Oscar Nomination for Kristin Wiig.  We knew all season that this would be her last on SNL, even if she never came out and said it explicitly.  Kristen left an indelible mark on SNL and this was a lovely and touching send-off for her.

2) McKayla Maroney’s Near Perfect Vault – Summer Olympics

I still don’t see how this didn’t get a perfect score

3) Kristin Bell Loves Sloths – The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Proving that celebrities can have fangirl meltdowns too…

This may or may not have been how I reacted (internally, obviously) the first time I met Joel McHale this year.

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Posted By Kim


You would think that I would have been watching Scandal from the very start.  It’s a Shonda Rhimes soap that airs Thursday nights after my beloved Grey’s Anatomy.  I DVR-ed the pilot when it aired last spring, but it sat unwatched for several weeks till I just deleted it.  Whoops.  Also, while I would see a handful of Twitter friends flailing over the show, I didn’t know anyone in real life who watched the show, which is often very important to me.  I need someone to flail about with.  Not that I can’t flail about things with my Twitter friends.  Actually, that’s WHY Twitter Friends exist.  For flailing.  And understanding how feels for television shows and fictional characters can ruin your life.

I’m just trying to come up with an excuse for how badly I dropped the ball with this show.  Cause I can fully admit that I did.  Cause Scandal is freaking AWESOME.

One of the great benefits of dating someone who not only loves TV as much as I do but has an Apple TV and a Hulu Plus subscription is that I can easily remedy my viewing mistakes.  After being appalled by the fact that I didn’t watch Scandal, we marathoned (including 6 episodes in one day. #winners) all of the past episodes and I am now all caught up and am able to watch in real-time.  And the show blows my mind more and more every episode.  Think Shonda goes apeshit crazy with the plot lines on Grey’s?  Just watch Scandal.  It’s Grey’s mixed with a dash of The West Wing and then hopped up on steroids.  It is pure and utter ridiculousness.  In other words, it is nothing short of addictive.

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